With My God I Can Scale A Wall

With My God I Can Scale A Wall

Scripture Text : With your help I can advance against a troop; with my God I can scale a wall.2 Samuel 22 :30

A wall is something that limits us. It restricts us from moving forward. Some walls are very huge and intimidating. Some walls are terrifying.

We all experience some wall in our life. They prohibit us from reaching the best God has planned for us.

At times we feel so weak or inexperienced to climb a wall or overcome the obstacle in front of us. We get frightened by the size of the wall and  back off instead of making attempts to scale those walls.

David sings this song of praise when Lord delivered him from the hands of all his enemies and he says, with God’s help I can scale a wall.

Yes, with God as your strength you can crush the enemy. You can advance against an entire army that stands in front of you.

When David faced a powerful troop instead of running in fear, he boldly says he can advance against a troop.

David did not back off when he faced a lion and a bear. David wrestled with the lion and bear with God’s strength and killed it.

Likewise, David was not terrified to face the giant. Everyone else were afraid of Goliath’s size and strength. David faced the challenge and killed Goliath.

When you face giants and  powerful troops don’t run away in fear. When you feel powerless, He will lift you up to reach new heights.

Joshua  faced the walls of Jericho. It was a strong and challenging wall. Joshua had no strength to scale this wall. He asked God to empower him.

God gave him a simple strategy. This strategy did not make much sense. Joshua followed this seemingly impossible strategy and God brought down the entire wall for Joshua.

When you face obstacles and hindrances, declare this scripture, with God I can scale a wall!

Don’t get too worried about a wall that is not removed after repeated prayers. He will empower you so that you can climb over it.

Dear friends

Perhaps you are facing a wall of sickness, a wall of discouragement, a wall of doubt, a wall of anxiety, fear and helplessness.

With God you can leap over it. He will carry you over. He will deliver you from the enemy.


Ask God for help. Tell Him it is impossible to scale on your own strength. Take a step of faith and God will crush all strong walls that are binding you. He will help you scale those walls you are afraid to climb.

You can overcome any great obstacle when God is with you.

Have A Blessed Day!


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