A Must Read Story- Worry Must Die in His Presence

An aviator was making a round-the-world trip. On one leg of his journey he heard a noise in the plane it sounded like the gnawing of a rat. He was two hours from the nearest landing field. Not knowing what delicate instruments might be destroyed by the rat’s sharp teeth, he began to worry.

Then he remembered that a rat is not made for the heights. It is made to live in dark holes in the ground. He nosed the plane higher and higher until the gnawing stopped. Two hours later when he landed, there in the cockpit lay a dead rat.

Worry is a rat. It cannot live in “the secret places of the Most High” Psalm 91:1.

It cannot breathe in the atmosphere of confidence and faith.

If your life has been thrown off course by worry, climb higher. Come into the presence of the living God.

Feel His peace, His power, His love — And know that worry must die in His presence

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