A Must Read Story – George Washington

George Washington

George Washington, was a very famous personality; he was the Commander of the American Army. He led the army in battle against the British army, to gain independence for the country.

Though, the British army followed him to seize him, but he, along with few soldiers rode on horses and reached the Potomac river that was frozen, while the British army kept following them. Jumping into that river was tantamount to death.

However, without wasting a single moment, he knelt down at the river and prayed, “Lord! We are battling for this nation to worship you with freedom. It must be a nation that follows you. In order to save my life, I have to reach the other side of the river”.

As soon as he finished the prayer, he jumped into the river. The British army, on seeing the river, retreated but Washington swam across the river and reached the other side.

By God’s power, his life was saved. He once again, knelt down at the same place, hoisted a flag and declared America as a nation of God. It is in this, very place, the most famous, “ Washington DC” stands today.

He who kneels before God can stand before anyone.

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