Always Trust God, No Matter What!

Always Trust God, No Matter What!

Scripture Text: The king was overjoyed and gave orders to lift Daniel out of the den. And when Daniel was lifted from the den, no wound was found on him, because he had trusted in his God. Daniel 6: 23

King Darius made a decree that no one in his kingdom should pray to another god or man except the king for a period of thirty days. The officials who were jealous and angry of Daniel made the king to issue this decree for they knew Daniel would never pray to the king and he will be found guilty before the king.

Even after the decree was made, Daniel prayed to God three times a day as per his daily routine. Eventually Daniel was brought before the king and as per the law Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den.

God send His angel and shut the lions mouth. Daniel was unharmed and the king gave orders to lift  Daniel out of the den.

Now the king ordered the jealous officials, their wives and children to be thrown into the den. The lions ate their bodies and chewed their bones.

The king issued another decree: All people should fear and tremble the God of Daniel, for He is the Living God.

Since Daniel trusted God, he did not die in the lion’s den but survived.

Dear Friends,

God is fully aware of what you are facing today. We may not face real lions like Daniel did but Satan as a roaring lion attempts to devour God’s children. When we go through our personal “lions den” experience we think we will perish. God always rescues who trusts Him.

Yes, Daniel survived the lion’s den and similarly God will help you survive the present haunting situation you are in.

  • Pray consistently
  • Remain faithful

If God can shut the mouth of the hungry lions all night, He can handle your situation and rescue you.

You may be wondering, why not spare me from this trouble?

The scripture tells us there was no wounds found on Daniel’s body. Daniel’s enemies thought Daniel’s story will come to an end. But they never knew they will be lunch to the lions the next day.


No matter how threatening and haunting your situation is God is going to lift you up and everyone will be surprised when they see no scar of your sickness, troubles, threats and pain anymore.

Like Daniel you will prosper and be a living testimony for many. Always trust God, no matter what!

God Bless You!


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