Do Not Throw Pearls Before Pigs 

Do not throw pearls before pigs


Scripture Text Matthew 7:6 “Do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces”.

Pearls are rare to find. A pearl is a precious gem created from pain caused to an oyster. Pearls are created in darkness and pain. The tiny white pearl is formed over a long period of time and found in the bottom of the sea.

Pigs are unclean and stinking animals. They are mindless and covered in their own filth.

Jesus points to us that certain truths and blessings of our faith are not to be shared with people who are hostile to the things of God. Such people have no appreciation for that which is holy.

A pig will not appreciate if we throw him a pearl. When the pig finds it is not something to eat it will trample them under their feet and possibly attack the person who throws it.

Never invest too much time, energy or money into people who don’t even care about what you are doing for them.

Jesus did not stop to heal every single person nor did He cast out every single demon. The fact of the matter is though we are called to serve and be sacrificial, we are not to give pearls to pigs. We should always pray for people and never give up hope. However, there is a time to let God deal with them alone. There are many true seekers who need our help. We must discern who is teachable and willing to learn and change.

Some people mock and reject God’s holy word. We should not waste the precious pearls of His truth to win them. We should leave them to the Lord.

Remember the rich young leader? Jesus told him what he needed to do to inherit the kingdom. The young man walked away. Jesus didn’t chase him down.

We are responsible to share the good news; we are not responsible for people’s response to the good news. Pigs don’t appreciate pearls, and some people don’t appreciate what Christ has done for them.

Jesus used such a strong example to teach us we should carefully choose the people with whom we share our treasures. It is not wise to open our minds and spiritual matters to everyone. You may counsel and advice a person but when you see your sharing isn’t appreciated, stop giving that person your pearls!


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