Scripture Text: John 2 :(1-11)   

Jesus and his disciples were invited to a wedding house in Cana. The people in the wedding house experienced a miracle.

The bride groom did not forget to invite Jesus to the wedding. This shows us that we must invite Jesus in all areas of our life. We need the presence of Jesus in our marriage, our profession, in the life of our kids etc. The presence of Jesus will guide us and makes the impossible possible.

When there was no wine Mary makes the circumstances known to Jesus. As Mary we must tell Jesus all our burdens, our scarcities and fears. We should cast all our burdens upon Him. Mary expects Jesus to do a big thing but did not tell him how to do them. Mary did not force Him. She just left the matter to Jesus.

The servants did whatever Jesus commanded them to do. They carefully obeyed the instructions of the Lord. They obeyed without question and filled the six water pots with water. They were not lazy. They filled up to the brim and when there was no room to add more water Jesus transformed it. The water turns into wine. The chief servant says the wine tastes better than the first.

Jesus saves the best for the people who trust him completely. Jesus saves the groom and his family from disgrace and embarrassment from the society. Our sorrows become joy and all our emptiness turns into super abundance. When we leave the matter in the hands of Jesus, He settles them in His own way. He understands what is best for us and provides more than we ask or imagine.

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