Man’s Rejection Can Be God’s Direction.

Man’s Rejection Can Be God’s Direction.

Rejection is one of the common tools the devil uses to destroy our lives. Rejection can happen in many forms. We all have experienced some kinds of rejection and we know it hurts.

Leah experienced rejection from her father Laban, her husband Jacob and her sister Rachel.  When Jacob came to live with his uncle Laban he fell in love with Rachel and not Leah.

He requested Laban to marry Rachel. Laban promised his younger daughter Rachel to Jacob in return for seven years’ service, only to trick him into marrying his elder daughter Leah instead.Jacob then served another seven years to marry  Rachel. 

Leah had weak eyes, but Rachel was lovely in form, and beautiful. Genesis 29:17. 

 Leah tasted the bitterness of rejection.

The Bible says, that God “saw that Leah was not loved” and so he opened her womb and she bore a child. Genesis 29:31

The Lord, in the midst of all that rejection, was showing to Leah his loving acceptance.  But Leah didn’t get it. Instead she looks to her husband saying, “Surely my husband will love me now.” Genesis 29:32

But he didn’t love her.

God gives her two more children and in every case she experienced only pain and disappointment.

 When her fourth child Judah was born, instead of saying “My husband will love me now,” she said “This time I will praise the Lord.” Genesis 29:35

Often it is during times of rejection that we make wrong and bad decision but she made the decision to praise the Lord.

She stopped looking to anything else. It would be through the line of Judah that Jesus Christ would come. Jesus was born in the tribe of Judah. Matthew1:2.

Leah’s sons became the fathers of the Jewish tribes of Israel. 

When Joseph was rejected by his brothers, he looked past their hateful actions and saw God’s hand at work. He was sold into slavery, but God promoted to the second-highest position in Egypt. If Joseph’s brothers hadn’t rejected him, his promotion would not have happened.

Dear Friends,

 Begin to trust God rather than trusting man.

Start Praising God.


Satan loves to put us in situations similar to that of Leah. We need to let the devil know that we are special to God and God will fulfill His promised blessings to us as He did in the life of Leah. 

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